I’m a visual artist, creative developer and film director based in Buenos Aires, Argentina. My personal work involves jewelry design, filmmaking and photography. With an experimental approach working in various media, I explore themes regarding identity, symbols and the natural world.

I also work as a creative developer and director. With more than 8 years working in the Advertising industry, I´m specialized in creative development of mixed media projects for the international market for both commercial and cultural purposes.

Contact me for collaborations, art enquiries & creative projects of all kinds

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Fortuna. Sculpture. (Alpha Centaury Gallery. 2015)

True is what has been made. (Platina, Stockholm, 2017)
Amuletos. (Bosque, Buenos Aires, 2017)
Maravilla. Jewelry (Taller Eloi. 2017)
Retratos. Drawing (Modos Gallery, 2015)
Movimiento. Sculpture (Blanco Gallery, 2014)
El Espacio. Installation (Espacio A2dC, 2010)
El Deseo. Installation (Espacio A2dC, 2010)
Poliedrica (Marq - Bs As Architecture Museum, 2008)


Kaltblut Magazine, 2018
Klimt02. 2017
Liike Magazine. 2017
Fashion Grounge. 2017
Magia y Mistica, Art book. Ed. Jellyfish. 2015
BK Mag, 2014
POST Mag, 2012


2017 - Riveting and cold connections. Judy McCaig
2017 - Workshop with Iris Eichenberg
2015-2017 Jewelry. Taller Eloi
2016 - Ceramic seminar
2013-2014. Sculpture. Edgardo Madanes
2010-2011. Painting. Nahuel Vecino.
2010. Resin sculpture short course. 

2004-2008. Film Directing. Universidad del Cine. FUC
2003-2004. Communication Science. Saint Andrews University.

2019 - Casadasartes paraiso cultural. Embu das Artes, SP, Brasil.

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