Jewelry collection. 2016-17.
Bronze, copper & acrylic. 

Pieces to transform, mutate or achieve special powers.
Inspired in carnaval costumes and bestiary monsters from medieval times.


Silver. 2017.

Behind a traditional ex-voto, there is a votary pleading to a divinity, a granted favor, and, as a token of gratitude, a silversmith making an object, offered in turn to the saint who worked the miracle.

My ex-voto is the feet of my cat, Lima. I adopted her when she was only 1 month old and she came with crooked feet, apparently from birth, which made her hobble. (...) Now, the ex-voto expresses gratitude for her loving company and also for the healing of her feet. The piece was presented at True is what has been made exhibition, Platina Gallery, Stockholm.

Bronze and paper. 2017
Published in Liike Mag

Built with Berta